3D Modelling

An image is worth a thousand words. This often goes for two-dimensional drawings as well. For, not everyone can ‘read’ technical drawings. A 3D model will aid in picturing the concept in the drawing.

3D modelling of your concept

Using 3D CAD software (Computer Aided Design), we will model your concept. This could be a model of a product, a machine for a manufacturing firm, or something else, as our 3D models can be applied in many different ways.

3D-modelling uses


  • Aiding concept design presentation
  • Attracting genuinely interested prospects
  • Generating 2D drawings
  • Printing 3D models
  • Making technical animation drawings
  • Sales support with 3D drawings
  • Giving insight into products

Picture it

Would you like to give insight into your product? Would you like to aid your concept design presentation? Contact us for 3D models of your product or design. Tell us what you want to say and we will picture it for you.